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Spartan mowers in McPherson, KS

Spartan Mowers

When you find yourself in the market for a new lawn mower, the hardest decision you’ll make is on which brand you choose to trust. After all, lawn mowing is serious business and you need to be sure you’re investing in a durable machine that’s guaranteed to provide superior precision with each cut. Spartan Lawn Mowers are sure to exceed all of your expectations. The three mains types are the SRT, RZ, and RT. As far as sizing, these machines range from 48-72” in width. When it comes to speed, the range is 25-37 hp. Let’s appreciate the fact that all of these impressive Spartan Lawn Mowers are zero-turn models, so you’ll have maximum power with smooth agility that allows you to mow with confidence. Believe it or not, you can tackle up to an amazing 9 acres per hour with Spartan Lawn Mowers. The Smart Ride Technology provides you with some of the best performance upgrades on the market. You’ll also enjoy comfortable seating options so even if you’re working for several hours, you won’t become easily worn out.

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